18 May 2015

Adobe Muse – Yay or Nay?

Below are two articles to check out from CreativeBloq.com that talk about the good and the bad of Adobe’s Muse software. The first article is from 2011, which includes a handful of developers’ critique and the other article is a bit more recent (June 2014), talking about Muse CC.


“Web designers are finally understanding the web as a medium in its own right, aspiring to be accessible and device-agnostic. Now Muse strives for print-like perfection, regardless of how many images and conditional comments that requires. This is misguided.” – Tom Muller, Graphic Designer


Also of note is Muse’s good integration with Photoshop CC, which is always important to the design process and moving from mockup through production.

In my opinion, up-and-coming graphic designers are doing themselves a huge disservice by not learning how to code HTML and CSS. They would be holding themselves back from a HUGE area of job opportunity. As a tool that aids in creating a low-touch interactive wireframe mockup, Adobe Muse definitely cuts the time down significantly for designers, and brings it up a notch visually (rather than annotating functionality from a static Photoshop wireframe). However, given alot of the hiccups that Muse presents, getting a high-touch website from the software is far-fetched, and you’ll lose that saved time recoding/redeveloping the site afterwards.

In summary, LEARN CODE KIDS!