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A brief look at the steps taken throughout a project.

1. Set Project Goals

Whether it’s meeting face-to-face, by phone, by email, by skype (I think you get the idea), communication is essential throughout the entire duration of the project. Before we can get started, what is it that you want to achieve? What work does that entail? Do you have ideas about the project? An in-depth series of Q&A with new clients will help me (and you) figure out the necessary details to get the ball rolling. Having a mutual, clear and concise understanding of what it will take to complete the design from start to finish is the most important step in achieving your project’s goal. I like to think of it as starting on the right foot, or building a solid foundation.

2. Research / Brainstorm

I spend time researching my client’s details and any information he/she supplies, and understand the subject content as best as I can. When brainstorming, I also take into consideration what the current trends of the business are, what its competitors are doing (if any) and how we can create something that sets your business apart from others in a meaningful way. This inspires me to put my pencil to the paper, and start whipping up ideas. Writing down and sketching out ideas will create a variety of avenues to explore, and eventually narrow the scope of the project. I usually don’t like to bombard the client with a ton of ideas, but rather break the designs down to 2 or 3 solid options to present.

3. Design Development

Once we’ve reviewed the options, and a decision is made, it’s time to get to work! I’ll bring your vision to life using the appropriate software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.), rendering designs that are based on the agreed project aesthetics and details discussed in the previous briefs. I strive to hit the mark the first time around, however that can be hard to accomplish. I try to iron out the fine details of the project with 2 or 3 more rounds of sensible revisions (if needed). Once the client gives the composition the green light, I will finalize the artwork and prepare the project for delivery.

4. Supplying the Artwork

I usually supply my client with the final version(s) of the project via email, or via download (using Dropbox). If you truely prefer the old fashioned snail-mail, I can mail you a USB flash drive with all of the project content. I do not handle printing of the final project or printing materials involved with it. However, I can steer you in the direction of printing facilities that I think are fairly priced and offer quality work.


Here are some common questions I get from clients:

How much do you charge?
My prices vary depending on the extent of work involved in the project. I believe that hiring me to design for your business should be seen more of as an investment rather than just a price number. Sometimes paying a cheap rate can lead to cheap work, and sometimes paying top dollar can still lead to cheap work. I like to instill confidence in the people that choose to work with me, and show them that the quality of my work is equally matched by a fair price. Please contact me with any design inquiries, and I’d be happy to give you a price quote once the details of the project are hashed out.
(Insert Name) charges less. Can you match them?
No. I don’t match my rates based on the pricing of other designers, only on what I believe my services are worth. Just as a client chooses the designer, the designer also chooses the client. It’s up to the designer to work with those who value the service provided.
How long does a project normally take?
Unfortunately, I can’t really give a direct answer on that. The time frame of a project can vary depending on the specifics of the job. I hold deadlines in high regard (as should the client) and believe that steady communication is a key factor in getting the project completed in a timely fashion. When all of the design details are established, I can estimate a reasonable timeframe along with the price quote.
Can you start working ASAP?
Possibly. However if I have prior obligations to other clients, I will let you know when I can begin working on your project.

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