02 Dec 2015

Adobe Flash is finished, get ready for Adobe Animate CC

Adobe has announced that it is officially discontinuing Flash. Since HTML5 has become widely adopted as the standard method for graphic animation on the web, Adobe has decided to put an end to its Flash software.

During the rise of HTML5, Adobe had acknowledged its presence on the web, having made significant strides to develop Flash to work inline with the more sophisticated coding language. While Adobe Flash is still being used on the web today, it’s been a downard spiral for the program, as HTML5 is quickly becoming the norm. As a result, Adobe will be releasing a new software platform called Adobe Animate CC. However, in an article published by Wired, some say that not much has changed – only the Flash name. The new Animate CC software that Adobe plans to release still has a lot of the security issues that Flash had.

I’ll keep using Google Web Developer, until Adobe figures it all out. Read the articles below for more details…

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